Avenir Vigneron Pty Ltd Breathes New Life into Cassegrain Wines

Cassegrain Wines, is thrilled to announce a transformative milestone in its journey. Avenir Vigneron Pty Ltd, a dynamic amalgamation of seasoned wine experts and astute investors, has successfully acquired Cassegrain Wines, ushering in a promising era of growth and innovation for this celebrated winery.

Under the capable management of Avenir Vigneron, Cassegrain Wines is set to reach new heights, both in the Australian wine industry and on the global export stage. The acquisition comes with a fresh infusion of capital, financial expertise, and a marketing-driven approach, all with an unwavering commitment to adding value to the business and the local community.

This strategic investment is poised to reinvigorate the Cassegrain brand with a renewed focus on customer and community experiences, sustainability, and fine wine expertise. Avenir Vigneron is dedicated to ensuring Cassegrain Wines continues its tradition of excellence while embracing modern wine-making techniques.

Avenir Vigneron includes Alex Cassegrain and Philippe Cassegrain, who live and breathe the Cassegrain brand. Joining them are Shiana Tyler, Managing Director of Binmint Pty Ltd, and Selva Saverimuttu, Chairman of Horizons Golf Resort, along with Link and Bob Bale, Directors of Bale Defence.

Philippe Cassegrain will continue to lead the winery’s strategic direction and core operations, while Alex Cassegrain will continue to craft exceptional wines as the Winemaker. Their commitment to the family’s French wine-making traditions, combined with research into cutting-edge Australian wine technologies, will remain central to Cassegrain Wine’s future.

Philippe Cassegrain, commenting on this exciting development, stated, “Cassegrain is well positioned to become one of Australia’s premier wine producers. We are enthusiastic about this next chapter for Cassegrain Wines, where our focus will be on enhancing our customers’ and Club members’ experiences, all while preserving our family’s winemaking legacy.”

Shiana Tyler, Managing Director of Binmint Pty Ltd, added, “We are thrilled to invest in and partner with Cassegrain Wines. This acquisition aligns beautifully with Binmint’s investments in the leisure sector. Our primary goal is to elevate the Cassegrain brand to greater heights by offering new and exciting wine and dining experiences for members, customers and the local community”.

Cassegrain Wines is known for its innovative and award-winning wines, carefully crafted from fruits sourced from established and emerging regions throughout New South Wales. Their distinctive style of winemaking combines traditional French techniques with the latest advancements in Australian wine production.

Alex Cassegrain, the Winemaker and recipient of the AVSO Winemaker of the Year 2021 award, shared, “Over the years, we’ve painstakingly nurtured our wines to create a unique flavour profile through a blend of French and Australian winemaking techniques.”

As one of the largest winemaking operations in the Port Macquarie and Mid-North Coast region, Cassegrain Wines supplies numerous hospitality venues. The Cassegrain team is committed to collaborating closely with local tourism boards to boost visitation to the area and reinvigorate the space for locals and visitors alike.

Cassegrain Wines is embarking on a path of optimism and promise as it looks ahead to a bright and fruitful future. With a dedicated team committed to excellence, exciting plans including the opening of a new restaurant, Cassegrain Wines is set to thrive in the coming months and beyond, offering wine enthusiasts and visitors an unforgettable journey through its world-class offerings.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Shiana Tyler – Director Avenir Vigneron
M: 0414 210 249

Philippe Cassegrain – Director Avenir Vigneron
M: 0429 828 333

About Cassegrain Wines:
Cassegrain Wines is a renowned Australian wine producer, known for its innovative and award-winning wines, which blend traditional French winemaking techniques with modern Australian technology. With a rich heritage and a commitment to excellence, Cassegrain Wines is dedicated to crafting exceptional wines and providing memorable experiences to its customers and Club Cassegrain members.

About Avenir Vigneron Pty Ltd:
Avenir Vigneron Pty Ltd is an exciting new entity comprised of wine experts and investors with a shared passion for fine wines, business management, customer and community experiences, and sustainability. Avenir Vigneron is focused on taking Cassegrain Wines to new heights and ensuring its continued success in the Australian wine industry and export markets.

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