Dessert White, Multi-Region, New South Wales

Fortified with brandy and notably memorable.  Serve chilled as an aperitif or with fruit & cheese.



Region – NSW Climate – Varied Alcohol – 18.0% Cellaring –  Enjoy now or will age magnificently.

Cassaé is a unique product in that it is produced from partially fermented grape juice blended with aged brandy spirit. The method of production is similar to that used in the Cognac region of France to produce a wine known as Pineau des Charentes.  Each year, a portion of material is put aside in French oak casks to age, establishing a Solera-system similar to that used for the production of fine Tawny.  Cassaé is a combintion of this aged material with some young fresh material, resulting in a complex sweet wine with a unique flavour.

Give it a try, it's wonderful chilled as an aperitif or with fruits and cheeses.  Once opened Cassaé can be stored refrigerated for several months. 500ml.

Wine Details

  • RegionMulti-Region, New South Wales
  • TypeWhite Wine
  • VarietyDessert White
  • Volume500ml
  • Alcohol Volume18%
  • Standard Drinks7.1
  • ClosureScrewCap
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