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2018 White Label Chardonnay



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“I like white wine, but I don’t drink Chardonnay”.  We’ve heard this often in the winery. We then continue to pour them a blind tasting glass of our Chardonnay and inspire a new-found appreciation (early on-set passion) for Chardonnay. We wouldn’t have written this if it didn’t happen often!

Broaden the perspective of what Chardonnay can be; be reminded that it can be as elegant and refined as the Royal Family, or as heavy, oaky and alcoholic which ticks the boxes for many as well.  Our 2018 White Label Chardonnay plays the diplomat – comfortably nestled in between polarised extremes. A classic cool climate Chardonnay, with complex layers of fresh stone fruit – fig and guava – and a fine savoury minerality. Subtle oak accompanies this white wine feast in perfect harmony. There are hints of the peel of lemon on the palate. This freshness speaks to the Australian Autumn season perfectly.

Not exactly cold like our northern hemisphere counterparts, but slightly fresh.


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