Spring Has Sprung at Cassegrain

Spring time at Cassegrain Wines

Several months ago the topic of the day/month was bush fires and the impact on us and the wine industry in general. Since then the COVID pandemic has changed/altered the way we approach our operations here at Cassegrain.

We have quickly adapted to the changes but none of this is possible without our staff having the willingness to change with us.

Despite all the trepidation of the future we have a great team who I am very much looking forward to working with as we all tackle these unchartered waters.

The wine industry is still facing many challenges as a result of the bush fires. We have been very fortunate that we have been able to release some fantastic wines so far from the 2020 vintage (2020 Edition Noir Fiano and  2020 White Label Verdelho) which have been very well received.  I have to say that we are all ecstatic to bring the next new release wines; two of which are show stoppers.

New Release Wines

Everyone Loves Rosé

The 2020 Seasons Rosé is coming at a perfect time, as we sold out of previous vintages months earlier than expected. This new Rose is similar in style to previous years and it is still a Sangiovese-dominant wine but with some help from Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris to ensure the wine is perfectly balanced and consistent of what you expect from our Rose.

Enjoy this wine with mates nearby and the BBQ fired up and searing some fresh prawns.  Whether its coastal balmy air or dry red earth surrounding, this combination will always go down well!

Oh, Pinot Noir, How We’ve Missed You

The other new release wine that is desperate to get mentioned is the 2019 Edition Noir Pinot Noir. It has been several years since we have released a straight Pinot Noir but can say hand on heart it was well worth the wait and have no doubt you will be wanting more! The grapes were sourced from Rylstone (near Mudgee) and has fantastic fruit profile with balanced subtle French oak giving the wine nice complexity without over powering the wine.

Set this wine aside for the ‘fancy’ meal of the week.  Yes, that choice duck breast you’ve been craving to cook for a while.  Mum’s old recipe?  Of course.  Our 2019 Edition Noir Pinot Noir? She’d be proud.

Chardonnay and Shiraz – the Loyal Stalwarts

Onto the realms of consistency we like to have wines that are consistent year to year from region to region and although the 2019 White Label Shiraz and 2019 Edition Noir Chardonnay are consistent with their predecessors these wines are slightly different however this is the joy that we have in our industry that we see slight changes year to year.  Not to the point where its a new wine, but slightly different – just like the current climate we are all facing!

For both these wines – they are great as a Sunday afternoon drink.  Imagine, a homemade Carbonara for lunch after a morning in the garden.  Lazy afternoons in the shade afterwards as you and yours salute the bottle of Chardonnay away.  Dinner comes along and that nice Scotch Fillet is waiting patiently for you to fire up the BBQ and crack open a bottle of Shiraz.  Go on – you’ve earned it.

As Spring is upon us, enjoy these new wines alongside the beautiful fresh seafood and produce that Australia has to offer.  It really is a win-win situation.  We support our local farmers and growers. Our transport industry.  Our wineries – Cassegrain of course.  And finally, we enjoy the beauty that it is to be Australian.


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