Select Five, Enjoy Six - on us...

Select 5, Enjoy Six

Any 5 wines you purchase from our catalogue – you get the 6th bottle for free.
Yep, if you buy 10, then you get 2 more for free. If you buy 20…you get the idea.

Add 5 bottles to your shopping cart and the 6th bottle will magically appear as a ‘mystery wine’.  This same deal applies if you add 10 bottles to your cart, and onwards (20, 40, 80…!).  The selected free wines are at the discretion of the staff member processing the sale. The selection of the free bottle(s) will be based on your selection of wines. We guarantee the value will be equal or greater than the average value of your selection. This offer is separate to any other active promotions!  

Across our entire 750ml range
buy 5, receive 6
buy 10, receive 12…

Single serve
buy 20, receive 24

Now which 5 / 10 / 20....will you select??