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Cassegrain Wines


Cassegrain is a family run business, started in 1980, and exporting wines for over 26 years.  Exports are consistently > 30% of total sales. 

Our main point of difference is our French heritage - blending the very best of traditional french winemaking traditions and methods with modern Australian technology.  

In addition, we manage the entire production process, from picking or receiving the grapes to wine making, bottling, labelling, packaging and warehousing on site. This allows us to produce and package wines to meet the specific needs of our highly valued export clients.

We are very experienced exporters - able to provide all necessary paperwork, certificates and logistic support to ensure there are no problems when your wine arrives in your country.

Australia has a range of ideal climates, and some of the cleanest and purist air, soil and water in the world in which to grow wine grapes.  These natural advantages, added to modern Australian winemaking technology, allow Cassegrain to create wines of consistently high quality to share worldwide.

Cassegrain recognise the importance of terroir, and source grapes from different regions, ranging from cool climates to warm climates and low and high altitudes which allow us to produce a wide selection of wine styles.  Our winemakers also blend wines from different regions to build layers of flavour and complexity. 

For export enquiries, please email our Export Manager (Sebastien Gervais) on