Cassegrain Wines – A Family Tradition


The Cassegrain History

The Cassegrain family began winemaking in France in 1643.

After settling in Australia, we forged the revival of winemaking in the Hasting River region with work beginning in 1980 developing the first vineyards. John and Eva Cassegrain saw the opening of the winery cellars on 16 December 1985, with the winery enjoying much success over the last three decades including many awards and accolades both internationally and within Australia. In the first year of production Cassegrain was awarded trophies for best red wine and best small producer at the Sydney Wine Show and over the decades since trophies have been won with all core varieties the winery producers

Two sons, Alex and Philippe grew up in the vineyard and have worked in the winery throughout the years. They took time out to go further afield to study and gain experience at other wineries throughout Australia and France. They have returned home representing the next generation of the business.


Our Philosophy

The core philosophy at Cassegrain Wines is the marriage of traditional French winemaking methods with modern Australian technology, an evocative approach that gives Cassegrain Wines a unique point of difference. The result is a diverse portfolio of full flavoured, yet soft and elegant styled wines.


Our Vineyards

We are proudly a multi-region wine producer. From the outset John Cassegrain recognised that winemaking begins in the vineyard. To ensure you get the best grapes, care in selecting the right site for a vineyard and then carrying out the best and sustainable farming practises is paramount in producing the best wine. Centuries of winemaking in France has seen the knowledge and understanding of the best “terroir” for specific varieties evolve.

With this knowledge and understanding to produce a diverse range of wines of the best quality, we needed to be multi regional. At the outset we went far and wide, including sourcing grapes from Coonawarra, McLaren vale and Clare regions of South Australia. Since the early 1980s has seen the emergence of a multitude of new regions within NSW. Including our own Hasting River Region. NSW hosts amongst the very best vineyard regions of Australia.


Unapologetically NSW Proud

We have identified amongst the best vineyard sites from eight different regions across NSW to select our fruit.  More so – we are incredibly passionate about the fact that we are NSW exclusive with our wines.  Selecting fruit from as far south and as far north as NSW contains offers us the myriad of styles within each variety.  Offering our Senior Winemaker – Alex Cassegrain – the smorgasbord of potential in the grapes means he can take creative liberty and maintain momentum in developing and refining his winemaking style.

In only a few years, we’ve happily received awards and medals and we’re looking to continue to highlight NSW wines as much as possible.  Here’s to NSW Wines.  Here’s to a Taste of Tradition.  The Taste of NSW.

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