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Cassegrain Wines

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Every bottle of wine produced by Cassegrain Wines is true to our distinctive style, all are full-flavoured, yet soft and elegant - a marriage of traditional French winemaking techniques with the best of modern Australian grape growing and winemaking technology.  

Within this broad framework, Cassegrain Wines produce a range of wine styles to suit a every taste and budget, from our flagship reserve wines and cellared releases, through our Edition Noir and White Label ranges, to Seasons, Stone Circle and our range of Q everyday drinking wines.  

Reserve Range

Cassegrain Wines produces a select range of Reserve wines using the best parcels of grapes from that vintage. Reserve wines are aged in barrel and also in bottle for a period before release. At the time of release they are not yet at their maturation peak and as such will reward cellaring.
Wines released under the Reserve label reflect a stringent selection criteria demanded by winemakers John and Alex Cassegrain. When making Reserve wines a number of fermentation and maturation techniques are used to add complexity to the wines varietal characters.

 Edition Noir

Wines released under the Edition Noir label are specially selected for their individual characteristics and overall quality.
The Edition Noir range are wines that are only made in limited volumes, reserved for select customers. Club Cassegrain members are given priority access to the newly released Edition Noir wines. They are available direct from our Cellar Door and select restaurants.
In any one year, we aim to make eight different wines under the Edition Noir range. Typically they are single variety wines, though with some notable exceptions. 

White Label

Featuring the striking white and silver circled labels, our White Label range is considered our core wine collection.
The range consist of four wines: two white wines, a Chardonnay and a Verdelho; and two red wines, a Shiraz and a Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon blend. We chose these varieties in particular to make up our core range, as these varieties perform so well year in, year out.


The Seasons range is a relatively new addition to our wine portfolio. As the name suggests, we make four wines annually within this range, which are released progressively throughout the year. Our aim is to produce wines that reflect the four seasons, and importantly, food seasonality.

Stone Circle

Our Stone Circle range are top quality table wines that represent excellent value. As with our other ranges, the focus when we make these easy drinking wines is that they should complement food, making them perfect for everyday enjoyment.

Q Range

“Q” stands for “quaffer”, an endearing term used to express every day drinking wine. In France, they use the expression, “Vin de table” to describe wine for every day drinking, and our Q Range is a perfect example of such wine.
These modestly priced wines are generally not overly complex, and are designed to complement a wide range of dishes, without being too much of a feature.


All of our sparkling wines are produced using the traditional “Méthode Champenoise”. Cassegrain is one of only a few Australian wineries who specialise in this style of sparkling wine production.
Méthode Champenoise uses bottle fermentation, the same technique employed in Champagne, France, and is matured for 9 – 24 months on the yeast lees, before being riddled and disgorged.

Aperitifs & Fortifieds


This is an exciting range of aperitif style wines and a classic fortified tawny style wine. The aperitifs include some very individual and unique styles, including two sparkling cocktails plus our signature Cassaé, which is modelled on the aperitif-style wine from the Cognac region of France.

Cellared Wines

From time to time, we release wines that have been matured for many years in our cellars, and these form our cellared wines.
These are typically very limited releases, with priority access given to our Club Cassegrain members.


Medium bodied with redcurrants & violets, lingering varietal Cabernet Sauvignon tannins supported by French oak complexity.

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This elegant medium-bodied cool-climate Shiraz possesses appealing aromas of raspberry and dark chocolate with liquorice and black pepper flavours.  This is all framed by lingering tannins and a long finish that make this wine enjoyable to the last drop.

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Once upon a time in Australian Viticulture,Pinot Noir and Shiraz were liberally blended.  The wines were wonderful and paired perfectly with our local cuisine. Today, thankfully this beautiful style has earnt it's stage once again. 

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Rich aromas of plum, mulberry, dark chocolate, a touch of spicy oak and subtle hints of tobacco leaf.  Savoury palate with silky smooth tannins and a rounded body bursting with fruit flavour.

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Tropical aromas of peach and honeydew punctuated with herbs and spices, balanced by fresh acidity on the palate.

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Once upon a time in Australian Viticulture,Pinot Noir and Shiraz were liberally blended.  The wines were wonderful and paired perfectly with our local cuisine. Today, thankfully this beautiful style has earnt it's stage once again. 

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Full bodied palate infused with lifted hints of tobacco leaf.  The fine tannins are controlled and expressive.

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