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Cassegrain Wines

Slow Food and Good Coffee Policy

The M1 Motorway between Brisbane and Sydney offers precious little to travelers in the way of food and refreshments other than the ubiquitous fast food franchises.  For daytime travelers, the Cassegrain estate, including our Seasons Café Restaurant, is a notable exception.  We believe just because you are travelling you and your family and friends shouldn’t have to eat that junk!

It is our policy to offer travelers on the M1 motorway (and Port Macquarie locals) a slow food option.

We offer a range of meals and refreshments (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea) which are tasty, healthy, and affordable, ranging from simple healthy meals to a range of fine dining options. 

We also offer excellent barista-made coffee, using Maestro beans roasted by Danes Gourmet Coffee, and a wide range of Origin premium tea flavours.  Decaffeinated beverages, plus a range of low fat, lactose free and non-dairy options, are also available. 

Of course we also serve a range of quality wines to enjoy responsibly with your meal (by the glass or bottle, and you can take away any wine unused in a bottle).