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Cassegrain Wines

Environment Policy

Cassegrain Wines believes we have an obligation to protect and conserve our natural environment for future generations.  We believe good environmental management will preserve and improve both the environment in which we live and work, as well as the safety and quality of the products we make.  

Cassegrain is committed to high standard of environmental performance in our vineyards and winery, complying with all regulations set by the Department of the Environment and all other regulatory authorities.  

At the Cassegrain Estate and Winery, recycling programs are in place for all paper, cardboard, metal and plastics.  All undamaged cartons and dividers used in our Cellar Door, Restaurant and winery events are recovered and reused.

Our estate is not connected with town water.  All water used by Cassegrain Wines is rainwater collected from the roof of our own winery, warehouse, and restaurant, and stored in massive tanks (seriously, really huge... like way bigger than we need).  Water for irrigation of trees and gardens onsite comes either from recycled water from the winery, or from our own dams on the estate. 

All winery residues and solid waste (marc & sludge) generated by the winery is composted on the marc pad, and then applied to the vineyard to increase organic matter and aid retention of moisture and nutrients in the soil.

Cassegrain Winery has proudly been chosen by Tesla Motors for the site of its first supercharger station north of Sydney.  We are very proud to be involved with and support the roll-out of this groundbreaking environmental technology in our small part of this big planet.