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Cassegrain Wines

The Winery

All steps in the winemaking process from crushing through to bottling and labelling are done onsite at Cassegrain’s modern, purpose-built facility.

Cassegrain Wines were one of the first wine producers in Australia to be accredited by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute for its winery production facilities.

True to their heritage, the winery is one of only a few in Australia that specialize in Méthode Champenoise, the traditional method for producing sparkling wine, as used in Champagne, France.

Production and Equipment

Every part of the Cassegrain wine making process is controlled and completed on-site.  From the crushing of fruit, through fermentation in either stainless steel or oak barrels of various sizes, through to finishing and final blending, Cassegrain's quest is to let the fruit display its unique character, in wines that are true to style and variety, but always aiming for the full flavoured, soft and elegant wines, in the classic French style.

Méthode Champenoise

True to our family's French heritage and philosophy, Cassegrain Wines are one of the few Australian wineries that operate the equipment necessary to produce sparkling wines according to the méthode champenoise (secondary bottle fermentation), the traditional method for making the finest sparkling wines.

Bottling Line

In order to satisfy all of the requirements of our domestic and export customers, Cassegrain operate highly flexible bottling and labelling equipment, capable of bottling in 750ml, 375ml or 187ml bottles, and using either screwcap or cork closures depending on customer requirements.

Cassegrain also offer contract wine making, bottling and labelling services (including production of sparkling wines using the traditional method) for a wide range of Australian wineries, for contract wine making or bottling enquiries please contact Operations Manager and Senior Winemaker, Alex Cassegrain (


All of our finished wines, plus any wines being produced or packaged under contract for other wineries, are stored on-site in our custom-built, temperature-controlled warehouse.  This provides security to our customers that wines are stored under ideal conditions, and allows us to promptly pick, pack and despatch wines once ordered.